About us

ChitQ is an innovative & digital platform to list your business, services on web and mobile. ChitQ creates a digital place where your customers can search and choose how they connect with you easily. ChitQ aims to provide a quick, easy and user friendly listing and search options.

If you're a Photographer, Network Marketer, Electrician, Real Estate Agent, Musician, Singer, Fitness Trainer, Carpenter, Plumber , Small Business Owner, Startup, Entrepreneur or Large Enterprise and needs to grow your reach to get more customers, ChitQ is for you.

View Contact No.

The Explorer can view phone number of business owner or service provider.


The Explorer can send TACK ME request to that business or service provider.


The Explorer can TACK chit in his own list and view & contact later on.


If you are happy with his/her services and behavior, you can like it.


The Explorer can SHARE chit on various social networks platform.

How ChitQ Works

The chitQ has many different features that make it the best possible Digital Business Chit ever. Below are a few examples of how chitQ can work for you to make your life easier and your connections better!

ChitQ creates an digital platform for your customers

Where your customers can pick and choose how they want to connect with you. Customers will be able to connect with your standard contact information, a bio telling a little more about yourself in one place which is your digital chit on ChitQ.

ChitQ allows you to share anywhere, anytime

ChitQ can be shared simply by text, email and through social networks, thus making this a complete digital business chit. ChitQ works with smartphones, tablets and computers perfectly so your customers can get all of your information no matter what device they’re using.

Tack your chit in your customers account

All of your information is web based, so your customers can access your contact info at anytime. Since contact information may change frequently, therefore ChitQ serves your current info to your customers.

Connect your customers to all of your social networks

When you share your ChitQ with potential customers, they can immediately connect to you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. ChitQ is designed for your customers to have instant access of your business information and make it truly easy for them to stay connected.

Unlimited Sharing and Tacking chits

ChitQ don’t put any limit to who and when your Chit can be shared and accessed, thus allowing reaching to more loyal customers. It’s simplicity to share and tack Chit makes your users to access your details anytime and anywhere.

The best way to understand ChitQ is to try it!

It only takes few seconds to learn.

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Go Green, Save Tree

with chitq

ChitQ is environment friendly. It's putting its small step in Go Green Initiative. It reduces the paper business card by allowing using digital business cards.

Best thing is it can be send, shared and accessed anytime, anywhere.

Chitq is ECO Friendly